ThingMagic RFID and Ignition?

I am looking into doing some RFID work. Has anyone ever used a ThingMagic USB Pro RFID Reader or ThingMagic Sargus with Ignition?

The USB Pro is a few hundred from Digikey. The Sargus device has Onboard Ethernet and appears like you can run code on it. A Simple Ethernet RFID reader that can easily integrate to Ignition seems like a useful tool .

My end use is I want to track what Equipment is used when the User is using an Ignition Client. The User would walk into a Room load up the Ignition Client(collects Process data from PLCs/ Serial Devices) and they could see the RFID enabled Equipment in the Room and select which Equipment they are using for their work. At the end of the Day we could review the Process Data and also know which RFID enabled equipment they selected when they were working.