Third Party Module signature validity

We develop a module in Java for Ignition 7.8.4, so a code signing certificate is needed. Our code-signing certificate has 3-year validity.

According to our software developer, the module will run for 5-years after signature. However, we cannot find where do the 5-years validity come from.

Could you confirm the 5-year validity?

Thank you in advance.

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The 5-year validity period is embedded information in your code signing certificate, signed by whatever CA you got it from.

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Ignition doesn’t use the expiration of the certificate to kill an installed module. It does reclassify such modules as self-signed in the gateway web interface when the cert runs out. When I renewed my code signing cert this spring, I rebuilt all of my modules to sign with the new cert, to avoid newcomers and upgraders getting a warning on install.