"This Are The Terms You Shall Obey!"

I’ve installed and updated several custom modules…first time I’ve seen this.

it just means there are no tems, its only really relevant if you try to sell/share you modules

Obey the terms and you shouldn’t have a problem.


Got that, thanks. Just curious why I’m seeing it now after installing and upgrading my modules multiple times. Maybe its just a cute reminder.

The text itself isn’t from our code.

But I would expect you to see the license agreement when you first install a module and if you reinstall a module (or upgrade a module) and the terms have changed since you last agreed to them. We save a CRC of the terms you agreed to in the internal database – if the new CRC doesn’t match we make you re-accept.

Thank you Kathy. If the text isn’t from your code then where could it be coming from? I’m modifying the Perspective SDK example, trying to add a component, perhaps I did something in my code to prompt that.

It’s from the example code: ignition-sdk-examples/license.html at master · inductiveautomation/ignition-sdk-examples · GitHub

Change it to whatever you want, it’s your module.

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Thank you.

Guess I should fix the grammar then. :flushed:

Naw. It should look lame if the developer forgets to make a proper T&C’s document.


Haha I totally agree. It’s funny how it is at the moment was

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We could always go with the classics: All your ~base~ terms are belong to us :wink:


Maybe someone else should correct the grammar :wink: