"this" in expression property binding

If we use script, we have a variable name event.source which refers to the component who has the event itself.

Is there any similar way to refer to the component itself using expression binding?

For example, if the name of the component instances are MyComponent0, MyComponent1, MyComponent2, etc… and each has custom property of MyProp, instead of doing this:

{MyComponent0.MyProp} * 50 {MyComponent1.MyProp} * 50 {MyComponent2.MyProp} * 50

Is there any “relative” way for a component to refer to its own property? Something like:

{this.MyProp} * 50

I created the objectScript() alternative to runScript() in the Simulation Aids module specifically to solve this problem. Take a look at its documentation and the sample project in this thread.
Ignition v7.8 added part of objectScript()'s functionality to runScript, making it possible to get to the component object by calling custom methods of the object. It’s not documented yet.

Thanks pturmel. I will check it out!