This is calling for python version at least 2.7

would this api run in Ignition since it is actually using jython 2.5?

Not 100% sure but you’d have more chance in Ignition 81 as it’s Jython 2.7 I think.

Also I downloaded from your link and one of the requires is Beautiful Soup so see here:

Would anyone have any ideas as to how I might be able to get “Stock Market Data” into Ignition?
I’m on Version 7.9.10 so I think this is jython 2.5 version.


Possible candidates:


API per @zacht is your best best, easiest option just hit the endpoint with a GET request when needed.

Second, more involved and messier solution, is to find some website that has the price and scrape it with some java libraries.

Go with the API if possible. That is definitely the “right” way to do this.

And for consuming a REST api, use

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Or, for specific use-cases, http bindings.

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One thing I’d note is that many API’s - especially one you are getting for free - will limit how many requests you get in a day. So if you have it in a http binding one client who keeps refreshing the page might mess take up a disproportionate amount of hits to that API. IMO you’re better off on a gateway timer script, hitting the API every X minutes so that you hit it less than your allotted time per day and putting that data into tag/dataset where then your perspective client or vision client will read from it.

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The OP is on 7.9.10…

Good point. In that case, I would not recommend http bindings. :grin: