This is my Career Investment (Europe) opinnion

Hi gents/ladies,

Like many of you I’ve decided to push for Ignition SCADA school due to it’s clarity in licenses and great learning materials, the only thing is are you also expecting Ignition to kick into high gear when it comes to SCADA systems popularity?

Even though I’m only 21% into my course I’ve been asked question about Ignition on my interview with a very advanced controls company and I feel like there is much more traction in Europe for Ignition.

I can see mostly Iconics and Tia products for SCADA in Europe but I do believe once the skill level is to the level there will be some benefits in Europe for Ignition SCADA developers.

Ignition is clearly gaining popularity, but there are a lot of organizations as well as individuals who resist change for any number of reasons. It could be monetary just being less expensive to keep on with what they have even if it is terrible. The other thing is there are people who have worked with product x for many many years and may not want to try anything different. I feel its going to continue to gain popularity as new people enter the field and don’t come with any prior biases.

From my personal perspective, i will never go back to the dark side and i have the luxury of just stating “This is going to be done with Ignition” The other integrators i have run across in the area are also totally IA supporters.


This is important. It is tough to justify engineering for a switch when existing software “works”, to some level. The opportunity comes when a system needs functionality that is easy in Ignition, but difficult or unavailable or prohibitively expensive in the existing product. That’s where the disparity in cost and capability makes the difference. But, you still need the chance to make the case.