This is the most frustrating thing about Ignition to me

8.1 videos on the alarm journal

7.9 videos on the alarm journal

What are we looking at here? Is it the difference between 7.9 and 8.1, or is it the unplayed videos, or is it something else?

I think it may be for the amount of content.

When I posted, it was just that I was struggling to learn about the alarm journal in 8.1 and then in 7.9 it had all these additional videos tucked away.

Then it started to evolve as I didn't even know an Alarm Journal Profile was a thing.

In fairness, it looks like almost exactly the same content, just it's now been reorganized to account for the different visualization systems.

It's been too long since I did IU, but maybe it's just an issue with whatever 'Lesson' screen gave you the first list? Or maybe you were going to get the videos you wanted in the next lesson?


I am not sure.

Thanks for showing me this. How do I get to it?

Take a look at the listing for the Alarming in Ignition course, on the courses page:
Alarming Course

I know there's been some changes over the years, so comparing a single topic to another across multiple versions will likely seem incomplete. As PGriffith mentioned, the material was just reorganized.

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Click bait titles like this with no context are likewise also frustrating :person_shrugging:

"If you own a PC, you HAVE to try this!" :joy:

I was mistaken that the concern was obvious. Sorry