'This report has no parameters configured' in new created report


i created a new report in 8.0.14 (trial version). The report has three parameters, preview works as expected.
But all options under ‘Schedule’ are greyed out and i get the message ‘This report has no parameters configured’. Reports in other projects on the same gateway can be scheduled.
Is there any idea what i’m doing wrong?

Add a schedule entry first by clicking the + button:

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Can you upload an export of the report? I don’t really see how that error would be thrown unless there’s legitimately no parameters saved. @code_skin’s right.

@PGriffith I don’t think that’s an error being thrown. It seems like the default text for the parameters tab when no schedules have been created.

Parameters appear after adding a schedule:


:man_facepalming: Thank you!
I must have clicked that button many times before, but i was totally focused on that ‘no parameters’ error.