This site can’t provide a secure connection

Ignition Version 8
Getting this error ‘This site can’t provide a secure connection’ when trying to navigate to https://localhost:8088.
Also, can’t launch Gateway Control Utility - when I start it (as administrator), I get the ‘do you want to allow this app…’ screen, then nothing happens when I click yes
Running V8 beta on a Windows 10 pro machine. Downloaded again and reinstalled with no change.
Any ideas?

If you don’t install an SSL certificate there won’t be a secure connection.

The GCU UI is broken and being converted to a command-line only util.

I uninstalled V8 and went back to 7.9.10.
Still get the message about a secure connection.
I did not have this issue before.
I have to install a cert now to use the webpage?
I haven’t changed any browser settings.

If you haven’t explicitly enabled SSL in your gateway properties, then you should be using the http (not https) url to connect to your local gateway:
http://localhost:8088/ vs

I’m getting this in 8.1.5, however I can’t get it to go to http://localhost:8088, Chrome just replaces it with https :confused: Any ideas?

Edit: nvm, I cleared cache and all good now, it’s not redirecting anymore to https.

Did you enable HSTS on the gateway at some point?