Thread Performance by System Diagnostic Broken

The Thread Performance by System view in the gateway status page has never seemed to work for me:

This is an all in one gateway for the time being, running about 35 OPC UA connections, 75 Perspective sessions and around 300k tags. I want to get a feel for which subsystem is adding the most load and what would need to be scaled out first in future. No performance issues right now, just planning ahead.

Is there something wrong here or somewhere else where I can see who is adding what load?

Any errors in the browser console?

I notice the CPU percentage in the table is localized with , as the decimal separator; unfortunately, I could imagine a world where the graphs at the top don’t deal with localization properly.

Every status page change gives me this:

If I leave the thread viewer for a while, this shows up:

Clicking Reset gives this, but not every time:

Anything else I can look for?

The images are probably empty. I’d look for corresponding log entries in the gateway where they fail in creation.

The plot thickens. I can reliably trigger some Clock Drifts every time I navigate to that page.

No other errors or warnings, just a few Clock Drifts

This only happens on my biggest Gateway, the rest don’t do Clock Drifts, but the chart doesn’t work either.

All are on 8.1.13 for what it’s worth.

Clock drifts are (unfortunately) common for that page–collecting all thread information is itself a disruptive task.