Time display problem

Using the following code to display the system time and date within a client window:
“Current Time :”
dateFormat ({[system] Client/System/CurrentDateTime}, “mm/dd/yy hh:mm a”)
returns a time that is one hour off from the system time. The only way I’ve found to display the correct time is to move the system clock ahead one hour, which give the correct time in the DateTime tag.

This sounds like you have the incorrect time zone. If you log in to the Ignition Gateway and go to the Configure tab, you should see the Timezone.

You can also check what the timezone is set to by adding a z to the date format.

dateFormat({[System]Client/System/CurrentDateTime}, "mm/dd/yy hh:mm a z")

This thread could be of use to you.
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From the Ignition User Manual:
Client General Properties
These properties apply to the Vision Client in general.

Timezone Behavior
The Vision Client can emulate any timezone. By default, it will appear to be in the same timezone as the Gateway. This has the effect of all clients behaving the same, regardless of the timezone setting on the Client’s host operating system. Depending on your project’s requirements, this may not be optimal. You may have the Client use the host’s timezone by choosing the “Client Timezone” option, or you may specify an explicit timezone for all Clients to emulate.

If you need to change the time zone of the Gateway, you should reset the database service and Ignition Gateway to get the clocks back in sync.
This happened to me last week where a VM was set up for me in the wrong time zone. Time zone on gateway VM was changed but database and Ignition were out of sync on timestamps. Resetting both services resolved that.

I would start by checking to see if the gateway is returning the correct timezone information. If the timezone information is incorrect I would check the host OS to see what timezone it is using. Ignition grabs the timezone from Java, and Java grabs it from the host OS. My bet is the host OS is using the incorrect timezone. If everything is set correctly, check the project properties, what is the Project Properties Client General Timezone Behavior set to?