Time query of the maximum value of a Calculation Query Tag in the report


In the report, I’m using the Tag Calculaion Query query type, querying the Maximo of a tag. The value of this tag is ok, but in addition to the value, I also need to consult the recording time of that value. How to check the time of the value of this tag?


Your requirements are not clear.

  1. Can you edit your post (pencil icon) to show some example data as currently stored and how you would like to present it.
  2. Can you clarify whether or not you are trying to use a tag history binding to retrieve the data.
  3. The question title could probably be improved too.

I’m sorry,

I corrected the question.


Never used the report before, but it seems to me like the timestamp is automatically added to the report:

Actually This might not be the timestamp of the data, but I have no idea what it is.


I generated this data in the designer to illustrate what I need in the report. I need this times of the “t_stamp” (not the StartDate of the report).