Time QueryTag

I have created a Querytag to access my SQL database.

Tag name = Time.
Data Type = DateTime
Scan Class runs every second.

SQL Query is:


In the Database Query Browser, it gives me the UTC time in 0.034 secs.
I have tried this with 4 different databases. Remote / Local.
Works perfect.

But the tag runs fast… I mean seconds are sometimes milliseconds.
It gets up to 4 hours fast, then bounces to near the correct time.
Query load is 1.2 queries/sec.

Ignition version: 7.5.6(b1317)
Java version: 1.7.0_17

Any ideas??

How long does it take before the tag starts to run fast? I tested this with MySQL using the SYSDATE (granted not getting ms precision) function and a SQLTag in a 250ms scanclass and it stayed synced up for the 5 or 10 minutes I was running the test.

It happens immediately.
I am using MSSQL.

I changed the tag type to a string and it works. I did have it as a DateTime.
That must have been the issue.