Time Series Chart Animation

Is it possible to do any animations on the time series chart?

I would like to see the chart kind of draw itself when loaded. From the link below that we gotten from Ignition when you showed us at my company the features of 8.0 shows that charts can have animations on it.



Hi @jramirez3,

That is just the default behavior of the chart library. As data is refreshed, there is point-to-point transition animations that occurs in the background. It is most noticeable if you have frequent polling. Just as a test, you can toggle a trend between axes that have a decent size gap. As an example, 0 to 100 for one axis and -100 to 200 for the other (just examples; the axes should be tailored to encompass the data in your use case). You’ll see the data animate as it is redrawn to fit the different axes.

In the case of the examples you posted, that chart starts with a single data point and grows rapidly as the data is added. That does a great job of displaying the point-to-point animation that the library does.