Time Series Chart - Auto-Scaling when Selecting Specific Key

Hello There,

I have three points being trended on my time-series chart (1. Thermocouple #1 2. Thermocouple #2 and 3. Thermocouple #3 and I am wondering if the following is possible:

Currently when the user clicks on the “Thermocouple #1” legend icon for example it hides all other items being trended and focuses in on Thermocouple #1. What I am wondering is, is it possible to also make it temporarily auto-scale the trending Y axis to that of min/max of Thermocouple #1 when it is selected?

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Hi @jaspinall, the “zoom while selected” behavior that you’re requesting is an interesting idea. I can certainly create a feature request and see where it goes.

Thanks for the reply jball. That would be appreciated.

@jaspinall since autorange isn’t built in I used a little workaround using an expression. I bound the the Plot->Axes->Max value to an expression which uses the max() function to return the max value in the trend series dataset and multiplies it by 110% to add a little bit to the top of the chart. This is working the way I need it to.

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Very cool @andytimc - thanks for sharing