Time Series Chart Calculated (fixed) Pen

Is there a way to draw a horizontal line at one value on a Time Series Chart? Something like a constant calculated pen on an easy chart? I tried using a trendline, but the UCL / LCL seems to be calculating off the dataset and doesn’t have a fixed value property.
Currently I am creating an upper spec limit line with a Named Query that generates a dataset of many t_stamp / value pairs - all with the same value.
Is there a more elegant solution?

Hi @jgardner, are you referring the Time Series Chart that is a Perspective component? If so, you can specify a marker for the plot that will put a persistent line on the chart at whatever value you’d like. Similar to the baselines that you can add to each trend, but you provide the value.

@jball Yep - that would be the precise thing I was looking for :blush: I had assumed while searching the property tree that “marker” was for configuring tick marks. Thank you as always.

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