Time Series Chart ( Change Chart Color )

Hi guys, have a good days.

I would like to use the Time Series Chart to display my Tag History. Currently, I’m able to display it by using the Tag History settings in the series part as the image show below.

Unfortunately, I would like to display multiple tag history in one Time Series Chart at a time. Therefore, it is required to display the line in different color as the image show below. But I could not change the color of the line as all the line that in my chart is set automatically. May I know that any mistake that I had make at this moment.

Last but not least, instead of using the Tag History as the image show above. May I know that is there any others way to do it ?

Thanks in advance.

You can change the colors of the lines using the ‘defaultStyles’ property. ‘colorScheme’ can be used to specify a Color Brewer color scheme. You can also specify each color individually by adding new value objects under the ‘colors’ property. Checkout the defaultStyles property in the manual: Perspective - Time Series Chart - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation