"Time Series Chart" component and breakline property

Dear all,
I’m having issues in using the breakLine property in Time Series Chart component. I have a dataset populated by a queryTagHistory script and have no problem in plotting datas.
When plotting in line mode I would like to have lines broken when datas do not exist (a time interval in which the tag historian couldn’t put data in db) but I can do it only if I set the script with returnSize = normal and i do plot in scatter or bar mode.
When in line mode, all the points are connected together no matter if they are “near or far” each other, while i would expect the breakLine property to do the “cut”.
Is there something i am missing?

Hi @mario.pitzolu, this is likely a data issue. The data that gets returned from the script must contain an empty value for the the column that is being plotted, and the breaks will be displayed:

You can check the Tag History binding to make sure that the Ignore Bad Quality option is not checked:

Also, one thing to keep in mind is that “missing” data (a data value that is just absent) will not be treated as “broken” data with that property. There will still be lines drawn connecting points across the missing data value (which is why the value must be empty for this property to work).

Hi @jball,
many thanks for your reply!
You are right, if i manage to have a dataset with timestamp associated with an empty value the property works and the line in draw broken.
Anyway I could test this with a static dataset only, because there’s no way for me to create such a situation with a historian query.
Let me explain: I have tags coming from modbus devices and they are configured with a periodic one minute historian. I would expect that with such a configuration when the communication goes “bad” the historian records a “bad” quality value every minute this happens. What i find inside the DB is, instead, just a row with 0 as dataintegrity and then nothing until the communications comes alive again. This sounds strange to me but could anyway not be a problem.
But with such a configuration when I try to collect my dataset from a Tag History I never can have timestamps with empty values, no matter if i “ignore bad quality” or if I “prevent interpolation” or if I collect the datas periodically rather than AsStored… I’m having troubles in understanding what’s wrong…

Ah, that makes sense. There’s nothing wrong there; that’s just default behavior. Based on that, you’d likely be better off displaying the data with a bar or scatter chart that will not draw point-to-point connections. Those charts will provide the empty time gaps that you’re looking to display.