Time Series Chart doesn't update value

Hello there everyone,

Lately I have been experiencing some problems with the Time Series Chart. The thing is, that the data of the chart doesn't update, even if the tag that has been binded to clearly updates.

For instance, I am using the following structure for the data visualizing. It consists of a Flex Container with a top label and another Flex Container for displaying the data:

It consists of a Label for a tag binding created on the default group and transformed:

The other label is for displaying units and then, another flex container is used for the Time Series Chart, using a negative marginleft value for moving the graph to the left. The data selection is the following:


It started to not work for a few hours now, and I don't know what could be the problem. I tried to change the Tag Path between Tags and default as seen on the following image, but that didn't seem to work neither:

I have also noticed that, when deleting and reentering the Tag Path, the last value seen coincides with the most recent value, but stays like that afterwards. So the chart doesn't automatically displays the most recent value

What could be the source of the problem, and how could it be done to fix it? Thanks in advance

Try enabling and setting a value in the binding Polling parameter.


That seemed to solve the problem, thanks!

Is there any particular reason of why the chart would stop displaying the most recent value before? I'm a bit confused haha

I'm wondering why did it ever show a moving trend without the polling set!

That's a really good point hahaha. Anyway thanks for the help mate :slight_smile: