Time Series Chart Format

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I'm currently using a query-bound Time Series Chart in a flex container, and when I select dates using my date selectors, it only shows ~a 1.5 hour time frame when I have selected over two days worth of data. I need to know how to be able to show the entire range rather than just an extremely small section of the data, as it is important to get that days worth of trending information. Again, this is a query bind and not a Historian bind.

It is important to note that the transaction group is recording every minute. So do I just need to create another transaction group that records less often?


Never mind, figured out what was wrong. Feel like an idiot! Had checked a box for a sample size on the Name Query to test it and forgot to uncheck it...Whoops!

The Sample Size checkbox in the Named Query Testing should no longer causes limits in the Perspective Session when 8.1.23 is released. Here's a screenshot from the 8.1.23 nightly release notes.


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We're running 8.1.17, so that explains that.