Time Series Chart, gridlines & breaklines

I’m trending data from OSI PI using the TimeSeriesChart. And its perfect because of the BreakLine option so it shows gaps when there is no data. That was critical as a visual that the data has gaps.

However, I can’t find a way to enable gridlines to make it easier to read.

If I use the XY Chart option I can get the gridlines but I can’t find an option like BreakLine.

Did I miss it? Is there a way to enable gridlines on a TimeSeriesChart or enable BreakLine on the XY Chart?

I’m running a Perspective project on Ignition 8.09.


So I thought I found something for the XY Chart under: series > line > appearance > connect.

However, setting it to false doesn’t do anything. The associated open x/y options also don’t seem to do anything. It says “Name of the field that holds the open data”, which I presume is the data source keys (in my case time & value).

Hope someone has gotten this to work and can share how they set it up.


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See New in 8.1.16. It might contain what you’re looking for.