Time Series Chart in Carousel view

I’m having an issue with using a screen in a carousel that passes parameters for a time series chart.

When I use just a regular embedded view I can attach the tags fine but when I try to do it in a carousel with the same dataset it throws an error and tells me the dataset isn’t in chronological order. Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks for the time!

@Tstanford, I’m able to replicate this. It looks like the DataSet format gets borked when being passed as a view parameter. Are you able to create your dataset bindings directly to the TS chart in the view that is being displayed in the carousel?

Oh yeah it works fine. I can do it directly on the component and I can do it right on the view params as an inout as well as in an embedded view component on another view somewhere else just fine. But it seems like carousel just refuses to work.

Cool; glad you have a workaround. I will open a bug about the format issue.

Thanks! Yeah I went a different direction for now skipping the mobile implementation until this gets resolved.