Time Series Chart Minimum Axis Property Not Working

I have created a Sparkline View with the Time Series Chart but it does not behave the way I expect. The minimum property makes some of the data disappear on the chart.

For example:

Setting min value to blank which will follow the minimum of the dataset


Setting min value to -100 which somehow shows the whole trend. Why do I need to set such a low value to show my whole trend?

BTW I am running version 8.1.5

It looks like you have the chart shorter than the minimum height that it can display. I’d reset your min value and make the chart slightly taller until your data looks accurate. You’ll notice that the chart will naturally start “growing” in height again once you pass a height threshold (~85 pixels) as you make it taller.

Ahh. Makes more sense now. I fell back to the sparkline chart because that is all I really wanted.