Time Series Chart, possible for wider timerange?


Is it possible to get a wider timerange for the Time Series Chart in the designer. We wanted to project the process values and the setpoints of our ovens. Some processes may take up to 35 hours and currently I am not able to project more than (+/-) 8h15min.

Thank you.

for perspective the range depends on the data and will format automatically

What do you mean by perspective?

are you making a vision or perspective project


then it should adjust its range automatically depending on the data it has

The start and end-date are inputs for my query (see image). The query is returning the right data.

show a screenshot of when you select 35+ hours

btw you dutch or just working on a dutch project? :stuck_out_tongue:

haha, I live in Flanders, Belgium (Antwerp) and I speek Dutch.

Nice im from Brugge :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you show me the first and last data entry in props.series[0].data from the 35+ range?

I’m out of office till tomorrow

the data show ranges from 7/21/2021, 7:03:10 to 7/21/2021, 15:18:10
Are you sure the select is correct, maybe this particular date doesnt have 35+h data

Which actualy seems normal since its a query to the future! :o

try it from 19/07 - 21/07

Indeed, here’s an update.

you cropped out the dates on the chart

try it from 19/07 - 22/07


its again just 8h :l could it be the designer limit? try running the client