Time series Chart returns: "The "series" property must contain data in chronological order"

Hello, I can`t create Time Series Chart. It returns error: "The "series" property must contain data in chronological order".

-data is from Named Query
-columns are labeled
-first column is timestamp (smalldatetime datatype)
-values are number values (real datatype)

XY Chart dataset order

Your data is arriving in reverse date order.

Show us your SQL query if you need help fixing it. Paste it as code (not a picture) and format it using the </> button.

Tip: for bulleted lists in Markdown syntax you need to start each line with dash-space, '- '.

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This is my SQL query:

select b.readingDate as 'timestamp', a.meterReading-b.meterReading as 'usage' from dbo.gasMetersReading as a
	inner join dbo.gasMetersReading as b on
		a.readingDate=dateadd(HOUR,8,b.readingDate) and 
		DATEPART(MINUTE, b.readingDate)='00' and 
		(DATEPART(HOUR, b.readingDate)='6' or DATEPART(HOUR, b.readingDate)='14' or DATEPART(HOUR, b.readingDate)='22') and 
		b.readingDate>=:startDate and b.readingDate<=dateadd(DAY,1, :endDate) and 
		a.gasType like 'h3.90N_10He'
		order by b.readingDate desc;

I deleted DESC keyword and it`s works. Thank you.

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Good work.

A minor thing: your line a.gasType LIKE 'h3.90N_10He' has no '%' wildcard so it's really the same as a.gasType = 'h3.90N_10He'`. It's not doing any harm though and it might be convenient if you want to add in a wildcard in future.
I would also recommend adding a little air into your query to make it more readable and be consistent about using SQL keywords in all-caps or all-lowercase.

Reformatted query
	b.readingDate AS 'timestamp', 
	a.meterReading-b.meterReading AS 'usage' 
FROM dbo.gasMetersReading AS a
INNER JOIN dbo.gasMetersReading AS b 
		a.readingDate = DATEADD(HOUR, 8, b.readingDate) 
		DATEPART(MINUTE, b.readingDate) = '00' 
			DATEPART(HOUR, b.readingDate) = '6' 
			DATEPART(HOUR, b.readingDate) = '14' 
			DATEPART(HOUR, b.readingDate) = '22'
		b.readingDate >= :startDate 
		b.readingDate <= DATEADD(DAY, 1, :endDate) 
		a.gasType LIKE 'h3.90N_10He'
ORDER BY b.readingDate;

Thank you for advices, sir. Your query is much more readable. I will use your tips in future.