Time Series Chart using Named Query

I am curious if anyone has tried setting up a time series chart on a flex view in perspective by using a named query as the data source.

I have a perfectly good named query that works well with a time series chart when the chart is in a report.

However, using the exact same query when I place the time series chart on a flex view it gives the error 'object found, array expected'. Obviously, I am missing something important. TIA

Could you show a screenshot of the series property of the chart?

I'm guessing that you bound to the series property rather than the data property within a series.

Yes that's exactly where I had it set. So, I have 4 columns in the data one is a time/event column the others are numeric data. I'm getting good data back but not according to the chart. What am I missing here.


Got it, it just magically started working. Serious