Time Series Chart X-axis Range

I need to represent x-axis range in Time Series Chart as Start Time and End Time.

Table A:

Shift Start Time End Time

Shift A: 6 am 2 pm

Shift B: 2 pm 10 pm

Shift C: 10pm 6 am

Configuration done in designer (Time Series Chart > props >series >data):


Time Range is set as Historical; Start Date is current Shift Start Time ( Tag Path : [default] types/PlnShiftStartTime); End Date is Current Time.

Currently x-axis looks like this:


I need to represent x-axis range as Start Time and End Time (Ref Table A) with Time Interval of an Hour and zero as origin as follows.


Help me Please…

You won’t be able to do what you have in mind with the X axis. You can specify the number of ticks and the time format used as a label for the tick, but being able to create ticks at provided time values isn’t possible. The ticks are generated by dividing your overall time range into slices based on the number of ticks you’ve specified, and the values at each slice are shown as the label for the tick.