Time Series Chart X-Trace Format


I upgraded to 8.1.2 and the X-trace formatting seems broken in Chrome:

Works in the designer and Edge:

Other Gateways on 8.1.1 is still OK. Changing the format string still result in the long string.


Interesting… There was locale support added in 8.1.2 that wraps the formatting of the numeric value there. That said, it wouldn’t explain why it’s different in Chrome vs Edge/Designer. Do you have a locale set for your Perspective project by chance?

The locale is just the system’s en-ZA. Not explicitly changed, though.

Let me know if there is any other test I can do

It would also be worth bringing a session up in an incognito window in Chrome to see if it looks correct. This would rule out any browser add-ons causing strange behavior. I don’t think that’s very likely, but it’s another layer that Chrome has that the Designer and Edge don’t.