Time Series Chart: Y Axis only accepting integer values

After updating ignition to the 8.0.5 nightly I’ve noticed that the Y-Axis on my Times Series Charts are only accepting integer values.
As an example, this plot has min and max set to 0 and 1.

If I change the min and max to 0.9 and 1.9 the plot remains unchanged (still displays range of 0 to 1)

I don’t think this was happening before I updated ignition. I just downloaded and installed 8.0.5 nightly yesterday (9/24/419), I’m not sure the build number the version number only shows “Dev Version”

Hi @dkylep, this was occurring before. This is the default behavior from the underlying chart library for Y axis tick values. It does some decent rounding to provide the most readable value for each tick. I have a feature request to provide a format property that can be used to calculate values. This will allow for exact precision to get around the rounding that is occurring here.

Thanks for the quick response. The reason I noticed is because some of my readings that I’m charting only have a range of about +/- 0.02. If I set the min max values to 0.57 and 0.59 the chart registers the values as 0 and 0 so the chart is useless. I don’t remember that happening before.

It would make a little bit more sense if they were both rounded to 0.6, but not 0.

Sorry; you’re right. I made an update for the build-a-thon that is rounding down to an integer value. I will back that out and have the previous functionality in place for 8.0.5. Thanks for the catch!

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Hey @dkylep, this will be fixed in this evening’s nightly build.

Great! Thank you

No prob!

Just a heads up, I installed the latest nightly and I’m still seeing the same behavior.

I am experiencing the same issue since I moved to the 8.0.5 release last week.
I have a trend with values all below 1. I set up the yAxis to have a max at 10 percent above the highest value. It was working in 8.0.4.
Now, any time the max value is below 1, it floors to zero, which is most of the time.
Any update on this issue yet?

@jjones, We’ve got this bug logged but haven’t had a chance to work it yet. It’ll be soon.

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Hi all, a fix for this will be available in this evening’s nightly build.

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