Time series chart zoom bug?

I have a time series chart that displays historical data via historical binding. The start and stop times are linked to a date/time picker. I notice when the chart isn’t zoome in, the date/time pickers work great at chaning the timeframe. But, when you are zoomed it, I think there is a bug, the date time pickers no longer actually change the time frame. You have to be zoomed all the way out for the timspan to actually change.

@tmahaffey, that behavior is by design. The data feed is essentially “paused” while zoomed in. I am in the middle of building an Easy Chart that will provide those time control conveniences wrapped up into the design of the component. It will take time series data, and will be a good component to meet your use case.

In the short term while this component is still under development, you’ll just want to avoid changing time while zoomed in on the Time Series Chart.