Time Zone ID format issue

I am using Ignition 7.9 and I would like to show current timezone as US/Easter whereas i am getting America/NewYork when using getTimeZone expression.
Is there any specific way to get that timeZone ID, its supported as shown in 7.9 manual


America/NewYork is also a timezone id, i think those depend on the device/gateway settings.
You probably set your timezone to Amerika/newyork

YEs that’s correct and the result is also correct but I want it in format as US/Eastern not America/New_York

It isn’t a format to change. You would have to change the timezone setting in the OS of the gateway to US/Eastern. If it lets you. Because the base for the available names is the TZDB, which changes over time. IIRC, US/Eastern is no longer valid in the TZDB.

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Thanks you Sir !