Time zones

I’m posting this just as an observation of something we discovered.

Bill Gates must have come in and set our recorder computer to PST. It was displaying the time correctly, both on the system clock, , the database, t_stamp, everything.

When we viewed a chart on our other computers, (set to EST) everything was 3 hours off!

Just by chance, we decided to look at the time zone setting of the recorder, When we set it to EST, everything now works OK.


Yep, this is true. Dates are actually stored in an absolute format (timezone-independent). So, if you look at date A on an EST computer, it will look 3 hours ahead of the same date looked at on a PST computer. (Put another way, 4PM EST is the same moment in time as 1PM PST. Which date you get (4PM or 1PM) depends on the timezone setting of the computer)

Of course, if you have a computer on the east coast set to PST, but you have the clock set to (what seems like) the correct local time, that computer’s clock is actually set wrong (3 hours off) - and so all times will seem off.

Hope this clears things up,