Timeclock project

I have been asked to investigate using Ignition to handle timeclock duties to track employee hours for payroll purposes. I was wondering if anyone had done such a thing and would be willing to share templates, database layouts, and/or projects.

I’m not currently looking at tying the employees to ignition users. I’m also thinking of just having the employee select their name from a list and punch in a pin code to authenticate instead of using swipe or rfid cards (looking to minimize the cost, and prevent problems with lost cards). We aren’t a huge company, ~25 employees, if that helps guide any advice. That being said, I have no experience with swipe/rfid card systems, and if I’m unreasonably biased against them, I’m open to hearing about your experiences and changing my mind.

We do have a couple of computers/HMIs around that can be used for interfaces. I could probably also come up with a small raspberry pi with touchscreen for punch in/out stations to put up around the shop.

I’m also hoping to be able to spit out some sort of CSV report that I can import into our payroll software; but that will probably be somewhat straightforward after the rest of the system is implemented (I know, I know, famous last words :smile:)

I’ll take any advice or code people are willing to share!

I don’t have anything to share as of yet, but I am very interested in the project as I also have no direct experience with time clock systems and/or rfid swipe systems.

By my preliminary analysis, I see you needing maybe two database tables: one with users and their corresponding (optionally encrypted) pins, and one with their clock in and out times. As far as the application is concerned, it seems awfully minimalistic and yet, a perfect display of Ignition’s flexibility and versatility. I’d be happy to provide guidance and/or specific scripts where I can, but I’m no expert on this process.