Timed page refresh gateway event


Fairly new Ignition user here. I’m looking to setup an internal page refresh that is timed every 3 hours within the timer Gateway events.

Has anyone successfully done this?

What do you mean by this? For a perspective project presumably?

Yes, I want to set up a timed refresh of a specific view within a perspective project.

With bindings/polling, you normally don’t need to do a hard refresh of a view in perspective, it updates on its own for a lot of components.

If there’s a specific UI event you want to trigger on a perspective view every 3 hours you can accomplish this with by sending a message from the gateway to the clients and setting up the message listeners on the components to receive and do something when it gets that message.

There are often many ways you can do the same thing in Ignition, if you provide the exact details and what your end goal is, better methodologies could potentially be provided.

So I have about 8 dashboards around our plant showing running status of machines. I have formatting for the border to be green when “machine status” = 1 and red when =0. Basically the same for the icons, same tag reference. But the icon is not always correct as seen in the image. I can have 2 views right next to each other and 1 will be correct and the other will not.

Im open to other ideas for solution if you have any

So you want two views, which would be identical in appearance, except one would have the right coloring and the other would have the wrong coloring?

I would try instead to just make the one view work.

What is the current issue with the view that makes it not right, what conditions? I am assuming your machine status is an opc tag right?

Can you show us how you have configured the binding on the border to the the machine status tag?

If you’ve done this properly all views will update simulataneously.