Timeline for 7.7.3?

I know you generally avoid forecasting too far out for release dates, but I feel like 7.7.2 broke a lot of things that were already working and this is causing some major headaches for some of my projects.

Any idea when we can expect 7.7.3? I would appreciate the relief.

Last I heard from QA is that it should be in the next couple of weeks.

Major headache for me as well.

Broke what things?

One unpleasant surprise: any label object where the font is being determined by the style customizer, if the label is grouped with any other object (perhaps for editing, moving objects around, copying, ect), the style customizer will no longer determine the font, the label object is corrupted (and there’s no fixing it, have to go back to latest backup).

Tech support working on this now (case #7341), latest release candidate does not resolve.

Big, big headache, couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Should have said:

“grouped, then ungrouped”

Here are two that I remember seeing:

Alarming Override in an UDT does not work

7.7.2 Send To Issue

I see. Ignition-7.7.3-rc1 is out now.

Glitch I encountered only affects label objects where the style customizer is configured to set the font size. Work-around for now is just to make sure I don’t group and ungroup these labels with any other objects while composing screens, slowed me down for about a day or so (quite a suprise at first!), but back on track.

Apparently using the style customizer to set font labels is not real common, so that is why I was the first to run into it. Fix is in the works.