Timeout Daemon warning message

– Ignition 7.5.3 (b1163) on Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise –

At random intervals between 2s and 1hr, I’m getting the following warning message at the gateway system console:

[WARN] 10:09:58 AM drivers.ControlLogixDriver[Device name].BasicRequestCycle.TimeoutDaemon ScheduledRequest[[ABControlLogixReadRequest]] request with key “<4/5-digit number>” failed due to timeout.

It’s only the one PLC, and the device always shows as connected and otherwise fine in Ignition and in production. I’ve gone through diagnostics and logs at the PLC, PLC network adapter (here an A-B EN2T/B), and network switches and can’t find anything amiss, overloaded, etc.

Any suggestions on where else to look for a diagnosis?


What this means is that a request sent to the PLC didn’t return within the allotted “Communication Timeout” setting, which is 2 seconds by default. Usually you’ll have another log message soon after saying something about a message arriving for an unknown key, which is that request from the PLC arriving too late to be used.

Thanks! I’ll continue to monitor the situation. If need be, maybe I’ll kick that connection timeout up a little bit.