Timer in Client event scripts


I am running a timer script in Client event scripts

Once the screen lock in Client whether timer script will still running??? Or it will stop???

Still running, unless the computer goes to sleep.

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Is there any way to stop it when its locked?

And resume when its unlocked

I don’t know if Windows exposes screen locked status in any way java can read. You cannot stop the event from running, by you could check a boolean to skip the processing when locked. The trick will be to determine from within Ignition if the screen is locked. I don’t know that answer.

For production HMIs, I set the desktop to presentation mode, so the screen with neither blank out nor lock. If not a production HMI, you probably should not care that the screen is locked.

He may just mean the Vision Lock Screen, which is triggered by a script that looks at the inactivity timer by default. He could set a Boolean and skip processing as you suggested if that’s the case.


Yes i have found a way

In first line i need to use this one condition

If not system.security.isScreenLocked():

Its correct right?

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Yeah that should work.

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