Timer Scripts deprecated?

Searching through the user manual today, I came across this:


Just to be clear, are timer scripts deprecated, or just this manual page? There’s no other mention of deprecation that I could find.

Probably just the manual page. Current page is here

I’ve noticed that there is a large number of other topics that are deprecated as well. Searching for ‘Deprecated’ give 5 pages of results!
Navigation Functions - Deprecated
Shutdown Scripts - Deprecated
Scripting Basics - Deprecated
… etc.

What does this mean?

PS. I’m looking at the latest doc on the inductive auto server (https://docs.inductiveautomation.com)

That page in the manual has been replaced. Poor usage of the word “deprecated”.

How do I get the latest page?

Search for that title without the “deprecated”.

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Ah, of course :slight_smile: It looks like they’re rewriting sections and re-organising/renaming sections as well