Timer step value update


A little help on timer component, Can i increase the timer step by 0.25 instead of 1. Did anyone done something of any as i am not able to do that.

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Saurabh A

It’s an integer so no. If you need more resolution use a multiplier. Example, if the step is 100, make it a 1000.

No i want to control the batch timing from 20min to 50min and i cant increase batch size nor bound of timer so only option is found out to decrease the step rate so it will be able to increase batch time like previously it is updating at 1sec rate and i want it to be from 0.25. Also multiplier wont work.

Use timestamps and a gateway timer event to run actual processes. (Or timestamps with SFCs.)

Agree with @pturmel your use of timer isn’t appropriate. The timer component is really intended for animations.

I would recommend a PLC for this process.