Timeseries Chart and Grouping Data in Tables


I have a report with a table that is grouped by a couple columns. I would like a timeseries chart at the summary of the most granular level but it seems to return all records. I tried messing around with configureChart to filter the dataset but I’m not sure how to get the value of each group to pass in for the filtering. But I’m thinking it shouldn’t be this difficult and I’m probably missing something obvious on the Chart Options. Hopefully these screenshots will help explain my problem where you can see the chart plotting data until 09:55 instead of just to 09:40:49.

I found a similar post but that sounds like a table group not grouping data.

As for the purpose of this, I have parts traveling through a bunch of machines and each machine has a bunch of process variables. At each part sits in a machine, I’m recording each of that machine’s process variables every second and associating the data with the unique part number. I want to show how the actual process variable value related to the specs during processing for each variable of each machine for each part.