Timeseries chart, background pattern

I am hoping there is a grid or elevation lines I can activate for my Time series chart

I don’t see where to activate this

As of version 8.1.14 I do not believe there is a way to enable grid lines on the Time Series Chart. This would fall in feature request territory and I see at least one request that is similar: Vertical Grid Lines for Time Series Chart | Voters | Inductive Automation

The closest thing we can do at the moment is add Baselines and Markers which could serve as horizontal lines on the chart.

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Are the Baselines and Markers available in Vision? I am creating a report with a timeseries chart and I want to create horizontal lines that mark the upper and lower limits for the process. I searched in the user manual, but all of the references to baselines appear to deal with Perspective.

Make another source dataset and configure your lines there.
I had the exact same requirement and that's how I handled it, it's simple and it works.


Report components are independent of both Perspective and Vision. This post was about Perspective's Timeseries chart. Vision has the EasyChart and the Classic Chart components, which have markers using JFreeChart methods. (The reporting charts also use JFreeChart, so there is some overlap with Vision.)

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Thanks, I think this is pointing me in the right direction, but I'm having trouble understanding how to define and implement a ValueMarker for what I need to do. I'm very new to Python so this is a bit challenging for me. Can you point me to a resource that can help me do that?

This forum?


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not sure whether it's a function updated in the newer version.

In 8.1.26,
you can set the new line, for me, it's the alarm limit in the following setting.

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