Timeseries Chart Custom Domain

Is there a method to use indirection on the date range on the domain of a timeseries chart?

Here is what I am trying to accomplish:
I am using a timeseries chart in my report. The report is grouped to display one day at a time, a chart to display the wash water temp for that day, and then all of the washes completed for that day. Then it displays the next day, the wash water temp for that day, and all of the washes completed for that day and so on for the selected date range of the report.

However, I can’t figure out if there is a method to put a custom date range into each of my timeseries charts. Right now, each timeseries chart displays the range for the entire report.

You probably should be using a nested query. The outer query would be just the unique days within your time range. The nested query would grab the chart data for that day.

I am currently gathering my data for the temperature through the tag historian and a tag history query. Due to this, I don’t think that I can accomplish what you are stating. Would I have to begin logging all of my temp data to a standard sql table through transaction groups in order to pull it back in as a nested query? Or am I able to actually write a sql query to pull the tag history information that I am looking for?

The report designer will let you use the historian for a nested query. Just feed it day start and end from the outer query instead of from the report params.

I had tried this earlier, but could not get it to work. However, I realize now that the date that I was passing from the outer query was actually a varchar. I’ve now queried the start and stop as proper dates within the outer query and this works well. Thanks for the help!