Timeseries Chart does not rescale until mouse over

I have a Timeseries chart that is populated via a script on a table, every time a new row is selected in the table the Timeseries chart is loaded with a new series, the series normally consists of two data values and a timestamp 200 entries in length, the data values can vary quite a lot between table rows, so I have configured a Plot, Trend & an Axis to auto scale to auto scale the chart, but the scaling never gets applied until you run the mouse over the plot, so if load a series with small data values then choose a row with large data values the chart redraws, but the lines are now off the top of the chart, but soon as you run the mouse over chart it rescales to shows the lines again.

You can see the same effect by making a new Timeseries chart and adding Plot, Trend & an Axis, then modifying the Axis.Max property with the designer in run mode, again it will not rescale until the mouse is passed over the chart.

Ignition Version 8.0.17

Hi Dave,

The probleme are always existing in Ignition 8.1.7.
You can resolve it to change xtrace visibility on data valueChanged event.