TimeSeries Chart in Perspective Ignition

My dataset tag is containing only MM/yyyy format i.e 07/2021 When I bind the same dataset on timeseries chart it is giving me error "ui.ErrorBoundary:Component error caught in error boundary", How can I bind the same dataset value in timeseries chart.
Timeseries chart is supporting MM/dd/yyyy format, I wanted to display only MM/yyyy format.
Please Suggest!

If you go into the dataset and select a cell in the column containing your date, what is the column type?

Where does the information in the dataset tag generated? How does the dataset tag get its information?

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I am using script to write on the dataset tag, The script which I am using to write on a tag has date format as MM/yyyy only it does not contain date in it I am not using the date format as MM/dd/yyyy as I just want to only show the monthly average data.

The timeseries chart needs actual datetime values. Because it displays time series. You are giving it strings, which it doesn't understand. Consider an XY Chart.

Hi everyone, i have a system engineer of smart-factory team.we have used a ignition to Develop a projects. In here i have created a one project in perspective. i used a TimeSeris chart in one ppop-up window. And i passing the tag values through the Params.

That parameter is an Dataset. we using this one pop-up window for multiple pages.We place a one arrow icon like..,
And i write a one script on that arrow.And i given the respective tag path for each pages. One we click the arrow of any page, then that tag path passing into that dataset and that tag values are shown in the chart.

This picture shows the Script of the arrow, and i write the Script in onClick Event.

This picture shows all given tag paths values in a line., not mentioned tag name.

Now, we need to given the legend names for every tags in chart. But, Not all pages have a equal tags, some page have a 3 tags and some have a 2 tags. So, is there any solution for our problem ?