TimeSeries Chart

Hi, all I have a problem when I use Time Series Chart. If I use this Query :
SELECT top 3000 Fim09_ProcesBAc.F09_Machine_Mould_Press_AmountOfInject_TIMESTAMP AS
Fim09_ProcesBAc.F09_Machine_Mould_Press_AmountOfInject_VALUE AS Dávka,
Fim09_ProcesBAc.F09_Machine_Mould_Press_PressMould_VALUE AS Tlak_formy,
Fim09_ProcesBAc.F09_Machine_Mould_Temp_TempDownCenter_VALUE AS
Fim09_ProcesBAc.F09_Machine_Mould_Temp_TempDownSide_VALUE AS
Fim09_ProcesBAc.F09_Machine_Mould_Temp_TempUpCenter_VALUE AS
Fim09_ProcesBAc.F09_Machine_Mould_Temp_TempUpSide_VALUE AS Teplota_vrch_střed,
Fim09_ProcesBAc.F09_Machine_Times_CycleTime_VALUE AS Čas_cyklu
FROM Fim09_ProcesBAc
GROUP BY Fim09_ProcesBAc.F09_Machine_Mould_Press_AmountOfInject_TIMESTAMP,
ORDER BY time asc

then my component doesn’t work.
But when I change the last line on ORDER BY time asc component work but I don’t have sorting.

You have a GROUP BY clause but no aggregate operations in your select list. Try removing the GROUP BY clause.

Hello thank you i removed GROUP BY and the component is function but when i want sorting with DESC,the component not show me data. It is empty and Ignition designer have alarm on this component.


Try running the query in the query browser so you can see any error reports.

it is look ok

That screenshot shows identical time values throughout. I don’t know how ordering by time is impacting either query.

Yes it is but when set sorting ASC everything function normal and graph is ok but when i set sorting DESC my graph is empty.

So I tried to create new table SQL and new easy questions to Query .
How you can look with DESC I have graph empty and with ASC is ok.
I don’t understand that :frowning:

This is how all mine look like:

SELECT timestamp(t_stamp) as 'time', COUNT(Distinct Total_Good_Count) -1  as Count
FROM {grouptbl}
GROUP BY HOUR(t_stamp), Date(t_stamp)
ORDER BY date(t_stamp), Hour(t_stamp);

Are we sure Perspective’s Time Series Chart can display in reverse order at all?