TimeSeriesChart not showing lines in chart

We are using Ignition 8.1.15 version.
In the application, popup is provided to monitor the values in TimeSeriesChart.
For data archiving “Tag History” is used with Expression option selected. “Binding Preview” showing that values are collected, however when trying to see in the dataset the values are not collected. Only time stamp values are dumped in first column and data columns are empty.

Try setting your binding’s query mode to ‘as stored’ or whatever it’s called.
If the resulting dataset is empty, then you don’t have any data points in that time range.
Periodic queries will still return a dataset, with as many rows as periods in the selected time range… But if no values where found for some time points, then the values columns will be empty.

Thanks for the reply.
However we have crosschecked the data in “powerchart”. PowerChart is displaying the data for same period.

It’s not the same time range.
Try the ‘as stored’ querymode. I’ve had very weird behavior with the other ones, including disappearing data points on some time range configurations.

I am doing the same thing. But I am getting only 2 column like timestamp and another 1 for tag. But looking to add another column for different tag.