TimeSeriesChart timeAxies tick doesn't render correctly in v8.0.10

When user change the time range duration the timeAxies tick get messy and time to time doesn’t render correctly. Most the time the tick doesn’t distribute evenly.

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@nader.chinichian, I was able to replicate this on a chart with no bindings and by modifying only the time range. Based on the gif above, that appears to be your use case as well. Once any update to the chart forces a redraw, the ticks orient correctly. It looks to be an initial rendering issue (timing issue) where the tick spacing is being calculated based on a previous time range value. Thanks for reporting.

If you’re able to test a recent nightly build, I just did some work to the underlying library that allow all property changes to trigger component updates to the time axis. That should solve this problem. Please give it a test and let me know if you’re still seeing this issue,

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Hi Joshua,
Thanks it works correctly now.
Do you have any plan to auto scale y axis depend on min max value of signal?

Also I have another question. Does IA have any plan to create or modify the timeSerieschart to make something similar to easyChart in vistion? What very body love about easy chart is how user can easily change time range only by lower time range. With ChartRangeSelector you can’t change start and end range. I know I can put use DateTimeInput to get the range but it is compact and easy like easy chart

Excellent; I figured the library update solved the issue.

The Y axis autoscale feature went out in 8.0.10. If no axis is defined, or an axis is defined but the min or max values are left empty, a value will be generated that represents the min/max value (respectively) in the bound dataset:

Funny you should ask about an Easy Chart! I’m knee deep into building a version of this for Perspective at the moment. No release date as of yet, but it is in the works.


Thanks great news.
I believe you should only create the vision range selector so user can use it with both charts in perspective.
By the way the xy chart is really unstable with memory managent. Why dont you import chartjs library for perspective? It even has radar chart which something is a must to have in perspective.
Dont you agree?