Timestamp display

Hello everyone,

I’m using Ignition 7.5.4 and I have a question concerning the editable table which is available in the extras.

When I edit a cell in my table, the timestamp column is automatically edited with the current time, even if I don’t set this column as editable. How is this happening and how can I prevent it?

Thanks in advance.


It doesn’t do that for me. Would you mind exporting your window and posting it here? If you don’t want to post your window you can make a mockup window for us.

Here it is.

While I’m there, you will notice that there are a few status chart and a button that launches a popup. In the client, when I open the popup I get some display bugs on the screen, the status charts move a bit and then come back to original position. Do you get the same thing ?

Thanks a lot!
Windowexport.proj (34.6 KB)

The default value for the Timestamp row is CURRENT_TIMESTAMP. But I still don’t understand why it is reset to default when I edit any value in my table and then refresh?

Well, it’s quite clear now since I have an extra properties which is “on update CURRENT_TIMESTAMP”.

Please delete this topic which is pretty useless actually!