"Timestamp Source" option is missing for Tag History in Ignition v8

In ignition 7.9, there is “timestamp source” option which I can select between system and value for getting time stamp of tag in Tag History.
In ignition 8, there is no such option in Tag History, so I wonder how can I change between these modes for each tag?

Timestamp Source

When a Tag executes, there are two possible timestamps that can be observed: the time associated with the data, and the time that the Tag was evaluated. The first case is generally only interesting when the value is provided by an OPC server. In most cases, the time provided by OPC, which in Ignition is referred to as the “Value” time, will be very close to the system time. Some servers, however, either due to their location or how they function (history playback, for example), will provide times that are very different than the current time.

It is generally desirable to store the System time, as it is the time that the value was actually observed by the system, and it creates a uniform timeframe for all realtime data. However, in the later case, it is necessary to store the time provided by the OPC server. Using the Value timestamp source has several consequences: the system is no longer able to validate the Tag quality against the scan class’ execution, and Tag value interpolation will behave differently.

I think this thread might have the answer: How to set the Timestamp Source to Value on a tag

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