Timestamp source : System/Value


I’m trying to save history of a boolean tag to the database, using the History function of the tag.
As it is a boolean, I choosed the scanclass. Doing that, the Timestamp Source is greyed and set to “System” which is fine as it is what I actually look for.

The problem is that the history seems to store the value timestamp. See screenshots attached.
My Gateway datetime is correct (28/06/2016) but the values in the database are saved with a timestamp of 2007 (which is the datetime of my device).

Is it the normal behavior ?

Version 7.8.2.


Nobody ever had this problem ?

Additional information is that quality changes are correctly timestamped (by the system) but value changes are stored in the database with the value timestamp (and not the system one).

I’m a little confused in that your history TABLE name is stamped as a 2007 date?
Are you selecting from the latest history table?

The history table name is stamped in 2007 as it is auto-created by Ignition to store the values changes that are timestamped in 2007 in my equipement. They are the latest history table.
(To be correct, there are more recent history tables but the contain only quality changes, all value changes are stored in the 2007 tables)
The thing is that the history settings are set to “Evaluate on Change” with a Timestamp source set to “System”. I undertand that these settings should set the timestamp of the value to the date and time the system recieved the notification, and not to the date and time carried by the value itself.

My question is : Is it a bug or am I misunderstanding the way history is made when the Timestamp source parameter in the history panel is set to “System” ?

Here is the writeup on TimeStampSource for history tags.

Timestamp Source
When a Tag executes, there are two possible timestamps that can be observed: the time associated with the data, and the time that the tag was evaluated. The first case is generally only interesting when the value is provided by an OPC server. In most cases, the time provided by OPC, which in Ignition is referred to as the “Value” time, will be very close to the system time. Some servers, however, either due to their location or how they function (history playback, for example), will provide times that are very different than the current time.
It is generally desirable to store the System time, as it is the time that the value was actually observed by the system, and it creates a uniform timeframe for all realtime data. However, in the later case, it is necessary to store the time provided by the OPC server. Using the Value timestamp source has several consequences: the system is no longer able to validate the tag quality against the scan class’ execution, and tag value interpolation will behave differently.
The validation of the scan class execution is generally not a concern when recording historical playback data. Interpolation only occurs when the value mode is Analog, and when there is not a value for every time window. Using System time, the value is only interpolated during the last “scan class execution window”, that is, one scan class timeframe before the next value. Using Value time, however, the value is interpolated for the entire time between two data points.

From here
docs.inductiveautomation.com/di … Tags+Intro

From this descritpion, I understand that it sounds more like a bug then. As my timestamp source for History is set to System, the stored data should be timestamped by the system (i.e. no value with a 2007 timestamp).